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Scientific adviser -Tretyakova Galina Viktorovna, Ph.D., associate professor


This article describes the nature of e-commerce. The paper analyzes the current situation of electronic commerce and Internet business in the world and in Russia. The article presents world leaders in the volume of electronic commerce. The author examines the problems and prospects for the development of e-commerce in the global and Russian markets.

В данной статье описывается сущность электронной коммерции. В работе анализируется текущее положение электронной торговли и Интернет-бизнеса в мире и в России, приводятся мировые лидеры по объему электронной торговли. Рассматриваются проблемы и перспективы развития электронной коммерции на мировом и на российском рынке.

Key words

E-commerce, Internet business, Internet, Internet technologies, e-commerce development prospects, e-commerce volume, e-commerce.
Электронная коммерция, электронная торговля, Интернет-бизнес, Интернет, интернет-технологии, перспективы развития электронной коммерции, объем электронной торговли.


The Internet is part of the infrastructure of the world economy and international business in the modern world. In addition, the Internet is also a means of information communication, which brings together the computing centers managed by different economic agents. This opportunity allows economic entities to communicate with each other.
The nature of e-commerce
The advent of Internet technology has contributed to the spread of e-commerce in many countries. Now it is developing at an extremely rapid pace, which contributes to the growth of transactions made with electronic money through the resources of the World Wide Web.
A big amount of enterprises have already taken some of their business on the Internet, and most of the remaining ones are already being assembled (such famous clothing stores as Zara (zara.com) and H & M (hm.com).
There are organizations that operate exclusively online. Due to this, the activity of the population in the sphere of electronic commerce and business is gradually increasing (services and applications of "Dostavista" (dostavista.ru) and "YouDo" (YouDo.com)).
The current state of e-commerce in the world
The growth of e-commerce is uneven in all countries. It is possible to single out the leading states on the use of Internet resources for making various purchases and transactions.

Table 1. Countries with the largest volumes of Internet commerce in 2016 (billion dollars).


Internet Business Profits













South Korea








A source: http://d-russia.ru/top-10-mirovyx-rynkov-elektronnoj-kommercii.html

The volumes of e-commerce markets, the most popular methods of payment, the frequency of use of mobile devices for shopping, and other features were taken into account in the preparation of this table were taken into account.
The leader on these indicators is China, ahead of its nearest pursuer (USA) by more than $ 200 billion. China became the largest e-commerce market in the world, largely because of the huge population. The country has about 600 million Internet users. Shopping is the fastest growing online industry in China [4].
Let me add that the smallest percentage of e-commerce and Internet business in 2016 accounted for the countries of Africa and Latin America (in the amount of about 10% of the total volume of electronic commerce in the world) [4].
E-commerce in Russia
Russia is in the TOP-10 countries in terms of the level of development of electronic commerce and ranks 9th in it [4]. About 13 percent of Russians shop online [4].

Figure 1. Forecast of the development of electronic commerce in Russia.

A sourse: Emarketer, July 2015.

The volume of e-commerce in our country is steadily increasing from 2% in 2014 to 3% in 2016. According to experts' forecasts, this indicator will reach 4% in 2019. The indicator of electronic commerce increased by 2% (from 6% to 8%) in the total volume of retail in the world for 2 years. According to forecasts, it will reach 12% in 2019. Thus, the share of Internet business is gradually increasing in the total volume of retail both in Russia and throughout the world. Analysts predict an increase in e-commerce sales in Russia until 2019, albeit with a slight slowdown in its rates (from 25% growth in 2015 to 19% in 2019).
Prospects of e-commerce
The successful development of the Internet business is connected with the growing demand for goods on the Internet. However, the supply is also growing, as progressive investors are increasingly investing in online projects.
Currently, Europe is still lagging behind the USA in the development of electronic business. In Europe, the development of e-commerce will be facilitated by the further spread of Internet access from mobile devices and interactive television. The globalization of e-commerce will continue [3].
Research company Frost & Sillivan predicts that until 2020 the volume of the e-commerce B2B market will reach 6.7 trillion US dollars worldwide. The expert data is such that in this segment, the share of sales via the global network will account for 27% of the total sales of the product. Internet trading in B2B currently shows strong growth, as many organizations quickly replace outdated systems with new open online platforms [6].
In conclusion, I would like to say that e-commerce has managed to become a part of the modern world without which the business, probably, will not be able to exist. Internet business is convenient for the consumer due to lower prices than in offline stores and easy access. However, not all consumers are ready to make purchases online.
So good, that our country entered the TOP-10 in terms of e-commerce, although it lags behind the leaders - China and the US several times.
The prospects for the development of electronic commerce in Russia and in the world are practically unlimited. Soon, most of the transactions on our planet will be made exactly online with the use of non-cash money. Globalization and sustainable development of countries will actively promote this.


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